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Henry brings the unique mixture of private and public sector experience that we need in a Lt. Governor. In today’s climate of government scandal, broken promises, and excessive spending, we need a Lt. Governor we know and trust. A vote for Henry won’t be a gamble on an amateur selling hope and change, it will go toward the candidate with a record of fighting for our State with proven results…

Led the Fight Against Obamacare: Before most of the experts understood how devastating Obamacare would be, Henry was already leading the fight to expose some of it's most dangerous portions. Under his leadership, South Carolina filed the first lawsuit challenging the Obama administration's takeover of our health care system. Ultimately, over a dozen other states joined the effort.

Economic Development: Henry understands the challenges facing many businesses, both large and small. He knows our government must not overburden employers with unnecessary red tape and high tax rates. He also understands the assets South Carolina brings to the table for large companies looking for a new home.

In his position on South Carolina Ports Authority – an international gateway for commerce – he was a part of the leadership team that has repeatedly broken export records. In 2013, the South Carolina exported $26.1 billion to 202 separate countries. Henry will use this knowledge and personal experience to be a strong advocate for continuing our economic recovery.

Led the Way for Ethics Reform: When Governor Haley recognized that the ethics laws in our state were not serving the people the first person she called was Henry. She asked him to lead the South Carolina Commission on Ethics Reform, a bipartisan group, to develop ways to strengthen our states outdated, and often ineffective, ethics laws.  With Henry’s leadership they put together what is considered the blue print for a more ethical government, a government that works for the people.  We are now closer than ever to enacting real ethics standards for our state’s elected officials that keeps them honest and holds them accountable.

Safety and Security for South Carolina: During Henry’s tenure as Chief Prosecutor for South Carolina, he stood up for the safety and security of our states residents, in particular those who are most often unable to defend themselves.

He declared criminal domestic violence a top priority, and changed the standards and expanded the resources available for prosecution.  Under his tenure, thousands of offenders were successfully convicted.

He wrote the law outlawing the use of the Internet by child sex predators, trained and built a network of over fifty law enforcement agencies which have arrested hundreds of these criminals, and when they caught them he made sure they were convicted with a 100% conviction rate.

Protecting South Carolina Resources: Henry loves South Carolina and the beautiful natural resources that can be found in every corner of our state. As Attorney General he helped protect our marsh islands from illegal encroachment and our states water supply from being diverted to other areas. He also was integral in giving the State Grand Jury jurisdiction in crimes committed against our environment, a powerful weapon with which to combat the tragic consequences of inflicting damage to our natural resources.

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