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MAY 20, 2014

Endorsed by The State

"The clear choice for SC lieutenant governor."

That's the headline in this morning's State newspaper endorsing our campaign.  With just 21 days until we vote, the momentum is building rapidly!

Here's what The State had to say about why they're urging their readers to vote McMaster on June 10...

Two years ago, S.C. voters overwhelmingly voted to let gubernatorial candidates select their running mates, rather than being stuck on the ballot with someone not of their choosing and, oftentimes, in office with a lieutenant governor of a different philosophy.

It was the first of several changes we need to make to our constitution, which was packed with extra statewide elected officials as part of post-Reconstruction leaders’ determination to keep the governor weak, so a black person couldn’t accomplish anything if he managed to get elected.

The Legislature’s refusal to change this is why voters are electing the director of the state Agriculture Department and the state Education Department and the state’s military department, among other functionaries who ought to be appointed by the governor.

Read the entire endorsement here.

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