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MAY 8, 2014

Fight Back Against Out-of-State Money

We face a serious challenge this fall.  With out-of-state money and big national Democrats holding fundraisers all over South Carolina, we need your help.

They are coming here and bringing their big government, Washington D.C. ideas with them.  But if we continue to stand together and fight against federal government overreach I know we can withstand their onslaught.

I’ve never been afraid of the federal government and I never back down from a fight.  When they tried to force Obamacare on our citizens I took a stand.  Within six minutes of its passage I had already filed a lawsuit telling the government “NO WAY!"

We aren’t out of the woods yet and there’s something very important you can do to help: Simply share this message with 10 of your friends.

By helping spread the word we can join together and make a difference.

I know I’m the best candidate to stand with Governor Haley and take the fight to the Democrats this fall, and to the federal government and Obamacare when I take office.

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