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MAY 1, 2014

Henry on the Bryan Crabtree Show

Henry joined the Bryan Crabtree Show on Wednesday to talk about his run for Lt. Governor. Here are few excerpts from his interview:

“Everyone in the whole country is watching what’s happening here in South Carolina. The movement, the ideology, the technology, the innovation, all the things that are happening in this state are putting us on the map and we need to be a model and a leader for the rest of the country, but it’s going to take leadership, handwork and experience.”

“I love this state. I think it’s the best place on earth and we need to make it even better.”

The Grey Tsunami

“The more that we can do to keep our seniors citizens at home healthy, happy and secure the better off everybody will be. So we need to use existing resources through collaboration and organization and there are a lot of these institutions churches, civic groups, and others that are there to help those people.”

“Something I’d like to see have as a part of the Office on Aging is a memorandum of understanding with the Attorney General for prosecuting elder abuse and fraud.”

“If we can find a way through cutting taxes to take some of the financial pressure off of our older citizens, who’ve been paying taxes all their life and are inches from having to sell their homes, that would do a lot of good.”

Ethics Reform

“People from around the country are looking for places to go, places to invest, and places to bring businesses if they think that the government here is dishonest, corrupt, or incompetent they’ll go somewhere else.”

“Governor Haley appointed me along with Attorney General Travis Medlock to head up the South Carolina Commission on Ethics Reform and we produced what is considered an excellent blue print for the future.”

“We have to have a system where the legislatures are not judging themselves. There needs to be an independent Ethics Commission and at the very least the sources of income need to be disclosed.”

“All across the country today people have lost confidence in their government. From the Presidency, to the Congress, all the way down, the public has lost faith in their government they think they’re corrupt, they think think they’re incompetent, and they think they’re irrelevant to their lives.”

Economic Development

“All of the economic growth is centered here in the South East. We have it in our capacity to be a leader in economic growth and innovation. These next four years are critical or we will be outcompeted by our neighboring states.”

Federal Government Overreach

“We told the President that if they passed Obamacare and it include the individual mandate, which was unconstitutional, we will sue immediately. They passed it and six minutes later we filed a lawsuit. It went to the Supreme Court and we won the right for the Governor to turn down the expansion of Medicaid.”

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