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Meet Henry


Appointed to the South Carolina Commission on Ethics Reform

Led the South Carolina Commission on Ethics Reform, a bipartisan group, to develop ways to strengthen our states outdated, and often ineffective, ethics laws. With Henry’s leadership they drafted what is considered the blue print for a more ethical government, a government that works for the people.  We are now closer than ever to enacting real ethics standards for our state’s public officials which promotes honesty and accountability.


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Created a partnership to stop terrorists and traffickers


In conjunction with the South Carolina National Guard and law enforcement launched an effort to stop the financing of international terrorism through proceeds from human trafficking and the sale of narcotics here in South Carolina.


Stood up for childhood education


Protected the people's vital interests in the critical education case in Clarendon County, which confirmed the necessity of early childhood education as the beginning of economic health and prosperity.


Led the Stimulus fight


Issued the opinion which provided the legal roadmap for the General Assembly and the courts to address questions concerning the federal "stimulus" law.


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Challenged Craigslist over prostitution ads


Challenged Craigslist over its knowing publication of prostitution ads in South Carolina, resulting in the removal of those ads nationwide.


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Stood up for South Carolina water rights

Invoked the U.S. Supreme Court's original jurisdiction to challenge North Carolina's threat to our water supply in the Catawba River Basin through interbasin transfers, which led to an agreement in 2010 that protects our waters for generations, and ensures our continued economic and cultural vitality.


Stood up for Freedom of Religion

Supported the Town of Great Falls in their fight for freedom of religion, successfully discouraging their attackers from frivolous claims.


Launched Dog Fighting Task Force

Launched a Dog Fighting Task Force, producing numerous convictions in this bloody and drug-laden aberration, including one of the world's largest breeders of fighting pit bulls.

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Expanded State Grand Jury


During his time as Attorney General he was able to work with the General Assembly to expand the State Grand Jury process to assist in convicting gang members, securities fraud, and environmental crimes.


Elected South Carolina Attorney General

Elected as the Attorney General of South Carolina and reelected in 2006 without opposition.

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Elected South Carolina Republican Party Chairman

Elected as the Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party. During his time as chairman he was able to help elect enough conservative Republicans to help take control of the House and Senate.


Launched Operation “Jackpot”

As United States Attorney, he launched "Operation Jackpot," the interdisciplinary financial investigation into international drug smuggling, producing over 100 convictions and keeping drugs off the streets of South Carolina.


Married Peggy


Graduated Law school


Received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law.


Announces Run for Lieutenant Governor


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Led the fight for Yucca Mountain


Fought to keep President Obama and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid from shutting down the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Storage Facility potentially returning $1.2 billion that was collected from South Carolina citizens to build the facility.


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Appointed to the South Carolina Ports Authority

Ushered in new leadership leading to the state repeatedly breaking export records. In 2013, South Carolina exported a record $26.1 billion to 202 countries.

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Led the federal Obamacare lawsuit

Led eighteen other states to challenge the unconstitutional "individual mandate" in the national health care law, an historic challenge that ended up allowing states the option to turn down the expansion of an already broken Medicaid system.


Investigated and Prosecuted HomeGold case

Wrote the law which gave the state grand jury the authority to investigate securities fraud. Then investigated and convicted all six architects of the HomeGold and Carolina Investors who defrauded thousands of South Carolinians. It was the largest white collar crime in state history.

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Appointed United States Attorney

President Ronald Reagan asked him to serve at the United States Attorney for South Carolina. He was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate.


Mary Rogers Born



Henry D. Born


Exposed Obamacare’s “Cornhusker Kickback”

Led the successful challenge to the infamous "Cornhusker Kickback," rallying sixteen other states to join the fight.


Led largest meth bust in state history

Coordinated with the Greenville County Sheriff's office and conducted the largest methamphetamine bust and prosecution in state history.


Sued Drug Giant Ely Lilly


Brought cases for fraud and abuse, including one against drug giant Eli Lilly which produced a $45 million settlement, the largest in State history. In total, these cases produced over $186 million for the taxpayers of South Carolina.


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Declared Criminal Domestic Violence SC's #1 Crime

Declared criminal domestic violence to be the state's number one crime threat, worked with victim's advocates to enhance the law and successfully advocated for the creation of special courts in 36 of our 46 counties, producing thousands of convictions.


Created Internet Sex Predator (ICAC) Task Force


Wrote the law banning the use of the Internet by child sex predators, trained and built a network of over fifty law enforcement agencies which have arrested hundreds of these criminals, when he left the Attorney General's office he and a 100% conviction rate.


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Served in Army Reserves JAG


Served in the U.S. Army Reserves JAG corps.


Graduated College


Received his A.B. degree in History from the University of South Carolina.

May 27, 1947

Henry McMaster Born

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