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Henry McMaster Announces Candidacy for
Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina

The next four years will be critical to our state’s political, economic and cultural future. I love South Carolina and I want to help create an environment to encourage progress and prosperity.

As Lt. Governor, I plan to be a strong voice for conservative reform in State government. I’ll be ready on day one to preside over the work of the State Senate.

After four years of Barack Obama, I think we’ve learned that on-the-job-training is not always a good idea. For the job of Lt. Governor, qualifications really matter. It takes experience in State government and knowledge of the law to do a good job.

I’m also ready to address the growing challenges faced by our state’s seniors and adults with disabilities. At the present rate, South Carolina’s senior population will double by the year 2030 with over 10% currently living in poverty. We can do better. We must do better.

Finally, I’m ready to work with Governor Haley and the conservative leaders of the State Legislature to protect taxpayers, expand our economy, create new jobs and build a tomorrow of progress and prosperity.

That’s why I’m running as a conservative Republican for Lt. Governor and I ask for your support.

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